This is a general page for discussion, questions and relevant comments about folk, bluegrass, traditional and acoustic music.

I am a fan of this music and a writer. I’ve written for The Patriot Ledger, Quincy, MA; Bluegrass Unlimited and Dirty Linen magazines. I’m also an acoustic guitar player (1986 Martin HD-28), still learning the nuances of the music.

I don’t pretend to know it all. But if I can find out, I will. If I can pass on good information, I will. If I can be a conduit for discussion, then I will do that, too.

I’ve written about folk and bluegrass music for years and try to attend events and listen to new CDs as much as I can to keep current. What I find is that this music is always changing, yet remains accessible to everyone. That’s the beauty of the folk and bluegrass genres. And it keeps us all on our toes and interested.

To the newly initiated, welcome! There is bunch to discover. Being based here in Massachusetts, I sit in a region which is a hotbed of music. I’m sure my brethren from the Carolinas, the Virginias and Tennessee can tell you how bluegrass permeates their lives. That is, if they can forgo commercial country and rock and listen for the players in their midst who bring the roots of the music home.

Feel free to comment on things about which I write. I do moderate, so keep it clean. But I am open to vibrant disagreement if it furthers good discussion!

Regards to all,
Steve Ide


4 Responses to “Introduction”

  1. Is there a weekend spot where bluegrass musicians get together and jam? Ideally in Plymouth?

  2. Hi Petruk,

    I don’t know of any jams in Plymouth, per se….perhaps someone else will chime in. But a good place to start is the Boston Bluegrass Union,

    They have a page with information about jams and can probably direct you the best:

    If you find out, please write back and let others know. As a picker myself (guitar), I might be interested as well in all my “spare time.” LOL


  3. Check out our new video of my Sugarloaf Mountain song, produced by Dede Wyland. Tad Marks (Lynn Morris, Del Mcoury) plays fiddle. There is some nice scenery, and hopefully amusing action. Here is the link:

    Or, just search ‘Sugarloaf Mountain Frank Cassel’ on YouTube.

    Many thanks and best wishes, Frank Cassel

  4. I am looking for a venue where a family group of talented bluegrass
    performers,6young people and their Dad,”The Kempters” can perform when they come to this area in Oct.16th through the 24th
    They master their respective instruments which are two guitars,one keyboard,one mandolin one cello ,one fiddle.
    They all sing with beautiful pure voices,no affectation no vibrato,excellent pitch and harmonize.

    I have a cd which can be provided.
    They are booked SunAM the 23rd and Sat pm the 22nd as well as an afternoon on the 20th
    I am looking to fill their schedule and have never been an”agent” before.

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